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About us

Sustainable Living Tokyo, founded in Tokyo in 2019, is an initiative created to support transitions to happier and more environmentally conscious lifestyles in Japan. 


Sustainable Living Tokyoとは、2019年・東京に創立され、日本での地球環境をより意識した豊かなライフスタイルへの移行を応援する団体です。

Meet our team




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Cecilia Grandi-Nagashiro is a Ph.D. graduand in Sustainability Science from The University of Tokyo. She holds a double bachelor in Natural sciences and Biology and a master's degree in International Forestry. She has conducted research on marine conservation, social forestry, and indigenous communities. Currently, her research focuses on environmental psychology in the context of the adoption of sustainable lifestyles. She is also a Climate Reality Leader.

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カツヴァン ミナミ

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Undergraduate Art student & Freelance Graphic Designer. Born and raised in Viet Nam, but followed her father to reside in Japan in 2010. Cat Van spent most of her life in an International environment and experiences many different cultures. Her passion for art and the environment started to sparkle when she was a child and it has grown ever since. Currently, Cat Van is passionate about sustainable living in various aspects of her life. She believes that we can all join as a supportive community towards each other. She is hoping to spread the message of sustainability through her work, art, food, and people around the world.




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Translator and contributor

Yuko is an advocate of animal rights and sustainable living. Born and raised in Yokohama. She has many friends from overseas since she is interested in foreign cultures, languages, and people. She enjoys traveling and has visited over 80 cities in 30 different countries, and this experience has given her a new lens to see Japan and Japanese culture from an objective outsider's point of view. She would like to work on creating sustainable mindsets in Japan by introducing environmentally-conscious efforts and products.

動物愛護とサステナブルな暮らしに強く関心を持っている。 横浜で生まれ育った彼女だが、異文化や外国語に興味関心があり、ワールドワイドな交友関係を持つ。趣味は旅行で、これまでに30カ国80都市以上を旅している。この経験により、日本や日本文化を客観的に捉える視座を得た。 人・動物・地球に優しい取り組みや商品を紹介することで、サステナブルな暮らし方を日本で広めたいと考えている。



Kankyou Club


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Kankyou Club is an environmental youth organization based in Chiba. Through education and experiential learning, they are dedicated to building a community that loves and protects people & the planet. They hope to empower individuals to make sustainable lifestyle choices while simultaneously advocating for wider systemic change.


Sustainable Fashion


Swap Stories Tokyo


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Swap Stories Tokyo is an initiative that aims to transform the way we consume fashion. We believe that for sustainability to truly become a part of all our lives, it needs to be accessible, shareable and fun. We organize clothing swap events in Tokyo to help people connect better with each other and with our planet. 

Our Partners

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