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Introducing the faces behind SL Tokyo: A day in the life Yuko メンバーの1日

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

By Yuko @eco.yuko

Yuko is one of the faces behind Sustainable Living Tokyo. Read below to know more about her!

A day in the life of Sustainable Living Tokyo team

- Why did you become Sustainable?

I joined an event called “Zero Waste Hanami” hosted by Sustainable Living Tokyo in March 2019. Through this event, I met a bunch of eco-conscious people and they inspired me a lot. Although I did small things such as bringing an eco-bag to grocery shopping and sorting out waste properly for the environment, this event inspired me to live a more sustainable life.

After the event, I started following environmental activists and groups on social media. I’ve learned a lot from them and joined some more events focusing on sustainable living. The activists and experience at the events made me reflect on what really matters, and I now strongly feel that I should live in a sustainable way.

- How do you start your day? Do you follow any morning routine?

Recently, my morning ritual is watching the sunrise from the balcony. Before I had trouble waking up in the morning and usually stayed in my bed until 9 a.m., but after moving to an apartment that has an amazing view of the ocean, I’m excited to wake up early to see the beautiful sunrise every day. Sitting calmly on the balcony with a cup of coffee and enjoying the silence makes me appreciate nature more. By doing this, I can start my day with positive feelings!

- What kind of lunch do you usually make/eat/buy?

Since this March, I’ve been trying to eat plant-based food. When I eat out, it could be hard to avoid animal products perfectly, but when I cook at home I try to be vegan as much as possible. I cook various kinds of dishes - Western, Japanese, Chinese, and ethnic dishes. For example, fried soy meat karaage with brown rice, vegan lasagna, and soy meat keema curry.

- How do you spend your afternoon and evenings?

Because of COVID-19, I tend to stay home but I try to go out for a walk at least once a day. Avoiding crowded places and walking in nature, I feel very refreshed. Besides walking, I do yoga before going to bed every day. The yoga I do is NOT like mastering challenging poses nor aiming to tone up, but it focuses on breathing and it aims to release physical tension. By steadying my breathing, I can regulate my autonomic nervous system and I feel much better now compared to what I was before practicing yoga. I definitely want to continue doing yoga every day.

- Tell us about grocery shopping and meal planning if any.

When I go grocery shopping, I try to choose plastic-free vegetables, fruits, and products. Recently, I set my own challenging goal for my grocery shopping - “You can only buy plastic-free food.” It was super hard at a local supermarket. I wanted to buy bananas, spinach, garlic, and mushrooms, but they all were packed in plastic bags or packages. In the end, I could only buy cabbage, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and avocados with no wrappings.

I wish there were an old-style market near my house where I can get fresh food without plastic packages. It is a lot more difficult to do plastic-free shopping at normal supermarkets than I expected. From now on, I’d like to consider buying veggies and fruits from local farmers.

- How do you spend your free time?

When I have plenty of time, I go hiking in the mountains, eat out at vegan restaurants, and cook vegan sweets at home. Lately, I often check the posts and stories of the activists on Instagram to gather information about vegan products, events, and movements related to sustainable living. This September, I created a new account on Instagram which focuses on sustainable living. On that account, I share some hints for how to live in a sustainable way, so please check and follow my account! My Instagram @eco.yuko.

Sustainable Living Tokyo メンバーの1日


2019年3月に参加した、Sustainable Living Tokyo主催のゼロウェイスト花見が大きなきっかけになりました。それ以前も、ゴミの分別やマイバッグ持参など、簡単なエコ活動はしていましたが、このゼロウェイスト花見を通して知り合った人々から影響を受け、よりサステナブルな暮らしに興味を持つようになりました。


・どのように1日を始めますか? 何か朝の日課はありますか?










家の近くに、梱包の少ない昔ながらの商店街などがあればいいのですが…… スーパーでプラ梱包ゼロを目指すのは想像していたよりも難しいですね。今後は、農家さんから直接野菜を送ってもらう購入方法も考えています。



また、インスタグラムでフォローしている活動家の投稿をチェックして、サステナブルなプロダクト、イベントやムーブメントについてよく情報収集をしています。9月にインスタグラムにエコ専用のアカウントを作り、サステナブルな暮らし方にまつわる情報発信も始めました。良かったらフォローしてください^^ @eco.yuko


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